Thursday, January 13, 2011

American Dream Poems

Poet Gary Hess wrote a poem about how he sees the American dream. His American Dream Poem gives a positive view to start, but later on talks about his negative stance of the dream as well. Hess is usually known for writing romantic poems, shows how he sees the dream.
The poem goes:

America America
The land of the brave
I love you so dearly
But they treat you so bad
The politicians and business men
Treat you like mad

What we once loved is suddenly fading
Our dreams won't come true
Our lives broken for you

We need to preserve the great nation
And turn it from bad
For you are our hope
And everything for we stand.

Here is another link to Hess's poem below:
American Dream
Another Poem by Gary Hess:

Serious anxiety flowing
Crashing through my mind
Blood rushing through my veins
Muscles tightening upon compression

The moment is soon to come
Where losers will not win
The masks come off from posers
And winners show their skills

The death of one has come quickly
Another soon to fall
The abilities matched between us
Strength, quickness, stamina
Just the same

I choose the weapon I know best
To fight off the evil souls
Outnumbering my foolish hatred
They strike quickly

This moment of oppression
Only seen by some
It’s the time to attack
My weapon swung but too soon

They move quickly to retaliate
My arm struck, bleeding
My opponent strong but still foolish
I use my mind to strike back
Weakening their hope to win

Seeing the passion within my eyes
They settle into fear
Victory will soon come
Victory will soon come

This Poem relates to the American dream because this is the mentality that they say one must have inorder to achieve the american dream. It tells how this person will emerge victorious while others will not and will fail because of this ideology. It is good to put in the website because it shows how one is able to achieve the American dream.

A final Gary Hess Poem:
This poem takes a different view by looking at the idea of the American dream who has not achieved it. This person tells how they are not able to achieve what everyone is said to be able to get and how America is unjust to the poor. This is good to put in the website because it gives the idea that not   everyone can achieve this dream.

Hundreds of dollars spent on time
Money wasted for every being
Getting hurt every moment
Losing faith this very second

What is there to do in this life?
Knowing I won't have what I need
Not the house or secure job
Not the right life to live

America the great
Or injustice
That's the way it is
In this great nation

The poor can't succeed
The poor can't live
The poor can't live love
America is misery

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